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Boro Derby Car

A few weeks ago I had the honor of racing a glass car down a pinewood derby track along side of some of the best artists in the west. I had never built anything remotely like this before, but i was up to the challenge. Chip Steeler of Shipwreck Glass had hit me up a … Continue reading

Scomo wood bishop colab

Scott came to town, and when I wasn’t busy blowing up all our hard work, we managed to get this gem finished! A real nice set, beautifully captured by Windhome Photography.

Jackie Treehorn Presents!

LOG JAMMIN’! Got some great ideas in the works. Stay tuned! 

Here to give you wood. 

Some recent pieces. Pendants and shot glasses. Happy holidays to everyone! 

Woodgrain tiki bot 

Here’s a nice piece that Torchress Glass and I started at Melt a few months back. This is such a fun piece!  Added a few accessories along the way. Spear dabber and log slice bot pendant.