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Web Site Update

Hi folks! First off, I would like to thank all of you who frequent our site, especially those who subscribe to our feed. I know we haven’t really stayed on top of things here, and for that we apologize. In the coming months you will see a completely revamped site with more pictures of recent … Continue reading

Hot Breath Magazine

In the newest issue of Hot Breath, a functional glass culture magazine, there is an article about the Glassroots Art Show I attended recently in Austin, TX. On page 53, there is a picture of one of my mug domes. My first magazine! Many thanks to Bri at Prairie Pipes for the info, and to … Continue reading


I really love the lines on this one. It really has some nice flow. Enjoy.


Take one down, pass it around. Frosty mug slides and domes now available. These are ale version. New lager style coming soon.

New controller

After some trubleshooting and replacing the cheaper parts, it was determined that the board/touch pad was finally done in on the old Skutt. They were kind enough to allow me to pick up a replacement at their facility, as I needed it asap, and couldn’t wait for delivery. This is the Glassmaster controller to boot. … Continue reading