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Road trip update

It’s been a whirlwind of adventure since my last post, so it’s time to catch up. Since leaving Wisconsin, I drove east on the I-70 into New England. Ohio charged me a fee to cross their state, almost entirely through one lane construction. I missed most of the fall splendor through New York, as I … Continue reading

A man of the road

A new chapter in my life is now underway! I’m taking my glass game on the road. I started out on the 6th of October, headed east on the I-90. First stop was the Glassroots trade show on Madison,WI. Here’s a few pictures from the road.  Next stop is Salem,MA for a Friday the 13th … Continue reading

Log pendants! 

A friend recently threw some ideas at me, so I went ahead and put together a new design. First in a new conceptual line. Enjoy! 

Taste the Rainbow

A few months ago I made a few tiki shot glasses commissioned by Drinking Vessels. I chose yellow and orange for my color combos. Both ended up being purchased by the same person, who, in turn, asked to have the remainder of the color spectrum made. Hopefully I’ll get some pics of them all together … Continue reading

Pale Ale Poker Classic

One of my newest creations. Bringing two of my most favorite things together.