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Functional Glass Art

Boro Derby Car

A few weeks ago I had the honor of racing a glass car down a pinewood derby track along side of some of the best artists in the west. I had never built anything remotely like this before, but i was up to the challenge. Chip Steeler of Shipwreck Glass had hit me up a few months earlier about teaming up on the project. After kicking around several ideas, we decided to go with a classic woody surf wagon.

I started designing the car about three weeks before the event. With all of the size and weight perameters, I decided it would be best to start with a clay model to get some sort of idea of what the car would look like. I worked on panels, fenders and other body parts off and on over the next several weeks. There was a ton of cutting and grinding involved, as well as the obvious torch build. 

The setting for the event was absolutely ideal!  A kids camp on a small island on the Puget Sound just north of Anacortes was where it all went down. The weather was awesome; clouds and sun and no rain!  We arrived a day ahead of the event to get settled in and do some test runs. On one run, our car jumped off the track and rolled twice. I was able to scoop it up before any damage occurred. It was a sturdy, quality build. 

Race day brought several hundred people to the event and the energy was high. Spectators lined the track as competitors battled two at a time in best of three race matchups. We got through the first round, but were beaten out in the second round in what was the closest three races of the day with some of the fastest times. 

At the conclusion of the racing the festivities began. Everyone in attendance was treated to a lasagna dinner and cupcakes made by a local bakery. After dinner the cars were auctioned off, with all proceeds going to the Evergreen Project and to help underprivileged kids attend the very camp we were staying at. 

Huge shout outs, and many thanks to all who attended, those who invested their time to build cars for charity, those who bid on the cars, Chip Steeler for inviting me and doing such a great job puttiing the chrome on the car, Green Light District for buying my car and getting me some nice photos, and especially Hand Made for putting on such a worthwhile event. I’m already thinking about the design for next year’s build! 


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